Turn your Smartphone into a Money-making Machine with AppJobber.com

As an Android and iOS user you can download AppJobber for free and complete thousands of small tasks that earn you real money! The German IT startup, wer denkt was GmbH based in Darmstadt, was among the first Europe companies to recognize the potential of the vast amounts of smartphone users and to utilize their potential. Since the launch of AppJobber in 2011, more than 80 thousand jobs have been completed, with the community expanding across Europe, we are hoping to reach the hundred thousand mark soon. The concept is that the user receives at least one Euro per mini-job, the Jobs can often be completed while waiting for an appointment or in between classes. Rewards vary, something as simple as taking a picture of a road sign is worth 2 € or reporting a gas station’s opening hours can earn you 1 €.

At the core of AppJobber is a type of crowdsourcing, where the smartphone user is not only a consumer, but also an occasional worker, who can use his/her phone as a tool to earn real money. This model of crowdsourcing is a win for all – users and companies alike.

By assigning these small, geographically specific tasks to the mobile workforce (AppJobbers), companies can in fact cut their real travel and personnel costs. Jobbers often find themselves at a location from which a company may need information. They can then, in a snap, gather the data as well as any pictures and geographical coordinates needed. These are the possibility that this innovative app offers for all kinds of businesses.

Wer denkt was GmbH plans to keep expanding AppJobber throughout Europe and bring access to this way of microjobbing to more countries, companies and users.

Dr. Tobias Klug, CEO of the company, is looking forward to the future, where “AppJobber will be the leading platform that brings companies and jobbers together to create real added-value for both.”

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