Mystery shopping with the crowd

Review staff advice and referral behaviour.

Review staff advice and referral behaviour.

Well-known companies from trade and industry rely on appJobber and its community to check the quality of service and advice in retail, pharmacies, restaurants and petrol stations, for example, through mystery shopping. Through mystery shopping, appJobber can also provide valid insights into the question of which brands are recommended with which justification in specific consulting situations.

The appJobber users are available throughout Europe to carry out mystery shopping and test consultations according to clearly defined interview guidelines. Documentary photos of the sales outlet and the verification of geodata ensure that the mystery shoppers visit the right address. After completing the job, the crowdworkers answer questions about the service or consultation process in the appJobber app.

Customised mystery shopping

Use mystery shopping to systematically record the friendliness and service quality on site.

Use mystery shopping to systematically record the friendliness and service quality on site.

The users receive a client-specific briefing on how to carry out the mystery check. Various questions can be evaluated according to the client's wishes. For example:

  • Which brands and which products are recommended in response to a particular buying interest?
  • Is the advisory service perceived as satisfactory, friendly and competent?
  • Is the customer asked for the loyalty card at the checkout, are loyalty points or certain giveaways offered?
  • Are the employees polite? Do they greet the customers, say "thank you" and wish them a pleasant day?
  • Do the employees wear the specified work clothes?
  • Does the sales area appear clean, tidy and well-maintained?

In addition, appJobber users can answer further questions about the situation on site in a structured way if required. For example, the availability of certain products, promotions or advertising materials can be checked directly during the mystery shopping and documented by photo. The collection of numerous pieces of information can thus be bundled in one store visit.

Shopper insights from real consumers

The users of appJobber can also be used specifically to buy certain products. Whether in the supermarket, electronics store or drugstore - the appJobber community provides thousands of users who are also consumers themselves. They test new products on request and give their opinion. The users answer questions about their buying and consumption behaviour and give concrete insight into their product preferences. By filtering into certain user groups, the approach can be tailored to specific target groups. Manufacturers thus receive concrete shopper insights and can present their product to a large number of potential customers at the same time.

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