Now our AppJobber Speaks French

Only a year ago AppJobber was launched in Italy, now the time has come to introduce AppJobber to yet another European country! This time it is France! Since October the app is available in French in Apple and Google App Store, and there are already thousands of microjobs in France.
Foto: CC-BY-SA-2.0 salady

As the second largest economy in Europe, the developers of AppJobber have great hopes for the app in France. With 22.2 million app users in France, the potential for a successful AppJobber community is great. A community which continues to grow at the European level and is therefore even more attractive to international clients.

The AppJobber team is looking forward to new and exciting tasks, that will come with the launch in France, and welcomes all of the French AppJobbers with open arms.

* (Quelle: ComScore Inc., Mobile Barometer Q2 2013 EU5)

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